1:Hitting the Ground Running… OWW! My Leg!

Hello my name is Christian Taylor and welcome to my blog. This first post will just explain my goal of this project, why I’m doing this and so on. I think the best way to start is to explain the title.

1. Albums

After obtaining a record player about 3 years ago, it has helped cement they way I listen music as whole works, as opposed to a song or two I like on its/their own. I put Albums first in the title because album reviews at this time are planned as the most frequent and consistently posted part of this blog, occurring (hopefully) on a weekly basis. As to how I’m going to review albums; I’m going to pick albums I like/want to talk about. Mostly I’m gonna stray from major releases because even if I do love the album(s), or want to tear it/them a new one, it has probably been reviewed a couple hundred times already so it makes it almost impossible to have anything new to say about it. My style is more of a stream of conciseness; I like to write about the feelings the album makes me feel, mixed together with some light music analysis and some facts about the album that I feel is important or is needed to put the album in context. I’m not writing for an audience of Mozart, music ethnologists and professors, but I think basic music theory would help you understand some of the tangents I like to go off on. If you have a suggestion for an album you want me to review, feel free to comment, but also keep in mind my itunes library at this time has about 1,238 albums (keep in mind singles and eps count as albums), but your suggestion won’t be ignored (promise). Also note that I won’t hit new albums just cause they’re new and need to have some hype, just one’s that I like (regardless of their age).

2. Concerts

I’m an absolute concert junkie. In fact, concerts are what I spend most of my meager salary on (not counting albums/vinyl/etc). Most of the concerts I go to are local bands playing at the bar venues of Columbus (Ohio), as we have a music scene that is thriving and slowly growing to become on par with many of the larger (and famous) towns’ music scenes. Besides just posting the usual promo pictures, that are plastered in rolling stone and the others, I’ll also use photos I took (assuming I actually took any), even though I am no where near a professional photographer. This is because I feel that it gives a more genuine vibe, and also shows the musicians in their more natural habitat than at a photo shot. The concert review will be formated to not just hit the key point of the headliner; but will hit all the bands, the venue, crowd and the overall experience. But as I am attending college at this time, these will be less frequent.

spacehog at basement

Spacehog at The Basement

3. Playing

I like to call myself a musician and a composer, so these post, whenever they indeed occur, will mostly focus on my journey as both. It will also focus on the Columbus music scene as it evolves and changes around me and any music projects or event I a planing/working on. Like the concert sections, will also be less consistently posted.

About Me:

I’m an 18 year old college male student and I think I know everything, so there’s not much to tell. I play violin, bass and mandolin, while trying to teach myself how to play keys. Musically I’m extremely eclectic; for me, listening to Lily Allen’s “Alright, Still” then to Tool’s “10,000 Days” is not odd or off putting to me in the slightest, so the things I review won’t fit any one label. Some of my favorite bands include Tool, God Lives Underwater, Kate Nash, Maza Blaska, Karate Coyote, Watershed, Lotus, Deluka, Gorillaz and Pink Floyd.


My baby, a 1920’s mandolin, scaled identically to a violin

I do know that I have a lot of potential and the ability to fulfill my ambitions, but at times can be my own worst enemy. As for goals I’ve accomplished, for my senior project in high school, I set a benefit concert and produced a live album from local band’s Mors Ontologica, with all proceeds being donated 50/50 to CD101 for the Kids and The Andy Davis Memorial Fund (a second album is to be released from one of the other bands that played the show at an unknown date). I hope achieve more and larger accomplishments thru the years and be part of future music as an audio engineer.

I’ll end each post with a random quote that I like
“For her, all seven deadly sins!” -Man in night club, Metropolis

P.S. I have a donations link in my side bar, these are 117.23% optional and are appreciated but not required, thanks

~ by Christian T on 09/28/2011.

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